Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland

Printed issue (1992 – 2010)
The printed issue provides reliable and comprehensive information about water in Switzerland by means of maps, diagrams and texts.
Digital tables, grid and vector data corresponding to the Atlas, as well as all explanatory texts, are available for viewing and for downloading. In addition, all printed plates are at your disposal in pdf format.

Data and analysis platform (since 2018)
The data and analysis platform provides new analysis and aggregation options for viewing and downloading in over 4500 catchments.

Excursions (since 2004)
With its series of excursions under the heading «Tracks along the Water World», the Atlas aims to create public awareness about hydrological topics. Since 2004, 31 excursions in nine regions of Switzerland have been published.

Teaching Material (since 2015)
The modern teaching material «WASSERverstehen» («Understanding water») for high schools is available in both print and digital formats. The printed and digital materials complement each other in the modularly structured learning environment and support a deep examination of hydrological topics.

Hydro-CH2018 (since 2021)
The present platform, “Hydro-CH2018: Scenarios till 2100”, presents hydro-climatic and hydrological scenarios for the 21st century. The platform currently includes precipitation and temperature scenarios, estimates of glacier development, and the resulting runoff scenarios for selected catchments.

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