Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland

Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland – Plate 7.1²

The condition of rivers and lakes in Switzerland can be assessed using various chemical, physical and biological parameters. The majority of routine investigations focus on only one specific aspect, however. While most monitoring projects cover general chemical parameters, other projects involve the regular measurement of water temperature, certain isotopes and radionuclides, suspended sediments and bed load. Rivers and lakes are monitored by both federal and cantonal authorities.
Most measuring sites indicated are used to record chemical parameters. Basically, data is collected by both federal stations that are part of the NADUF programme and cantonal measuring networks. Data sources are indicated in the tables.

In digital form:

Plate of the Atlas as pdf (Edition 1992 / 38176kb)
Plate of the Atlas as pdf (Edition 2004 / 16840kb)
Explanatory text (taken without changes from the Hydrological Atlas)
Table «Chemische Parameter»
Table «Temperatur»
Table «Geschiebe»
Table «Schwebstoffe»
Table «Isotope und Radioaktivität»

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